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Tennessee vehicular homicide case ends with sentencing

Even so-called sovereign citizens may find themselves in need of a criminal defense attorney if the worst happens and they find themselves charged with a crime. As with many crimes, the stakes are high when it comes to charges of vehicular homicide. An unusual point of view should not be used against a defendant when deciding the accused's case. Only the facts are relevant. A recent Tennessee case highlights the importance of preparing a strong criminal defense when charged with a serious crime. 

Evidence ruled as inadmissable in vehicular homicide case

Being involved in an automobile accident that claimed the life of another person is a traumatic experience. In addition to the emotional impact of such an accident, a driver would likely face serious legal problems. A Tennessee man had been charged with vehicular homicide following a 2015 accident. However, a recent decision by a judge in his current trial deemed certain evidence inadmissible.

Tennessee woman faces 2 charges of vehicular homicide

There are serious consequences for Tennessee drivers who get behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence. If convicted, the penalties may include fines, loss of license or jail time. However, when an injury or death occurs after a driver's intoxication, more dire charges could follow. A Newport woman faces charges of vehicular homicide after a recent accident in East Tennessee.

Oak Ridge woman facing vehicular homicide charge

Driving under the influence is a serious offense in the state of Tennessee. Penalties for this charge alone could range from a fine and loss of license to time in jail. However, driving while impaired may lead to more significant consequences when harm is caused to others. An Oak Ridge woman was recently indicted for vehicular homicide and driving under the influence, among other charges, in connection with a 2016 accident.

Greene County man facing charge of vehicular homicide

A presentment may be made in Tennessee by a grand jury to state that, based on information reviewed, probable cause exists that a crime has occurred. Superseding presentments could happen if a grand jury receives new evidence or if the jury considers different possible theories offered by prosecutors. Recently, a Greene County Grand Jury filed superseding presentments for a May 2015 accident that included a charge of vehicular homicide.

Woman facing vehicular homicide charge after accident

Stealing a car is a major offense in the state of Tennessee. The consequences of that crime would typically have a negative impact on someone's life, if convicted. An incident in Memphis involving a stolen car turned into something much more serious. A woman faces charges including vehicular homicide for her role in a recent accident.

Man charged with vehicular homicide after fatal accident

When someone dies in a car accident in Tennessee, surviving family members and friends are typically devastated. If another person is suspected of causing the accident, the family members often seek legal recourse. Also, if police officers suspect criminally negligent behavior, charges may be filed. An accident recently occurred in Memphis, leaving one woman dead and a man charged with vehicular homicide.

Vehicular homicide charges filed against Tennessee man

There are times when the careless or negligent acts on the part of one person result in the death of another. But what may have seemed to be reckless behavior is sometimes found be the result of unavoidable circumstances that led to the injurious incident. The recent deaths of two Tennessee men in a car wreck in Franklin are alleged to have been caused by the driver of the vehicle and have resulted in charges of vehicular homicide being filed against him.

Vehicular homicide charges filed against Tennessee driver

Being convicted of an alcohol related offense in Tennessee such as DUI or vehicular homicide means that the offender will face some of the most severe penalties in the country. A Bristol man could be sentenced to jail since, as of Jan. 1, probation is no longer an option if convicted of vehicular homicide in the the state. This new law means that is more important than ever to secure experienced criminal counsel who can aggressively defend  those facing these charges.

Penalties more severe for vehicular homicide related to DUI

The start of the new year signaled changes in the severity of penalties for Tennessee drivers who have been convicted of causing a drunk-driving death. A new law that took effect January 1 removes the option of probation for a person convicted of vehicular homicide related to intoxicated driving. This measure further enforces the already strong stance that the state takes against drunk driving. 

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