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Repeated drunk driving charges in Tennesee topic of new bill

New legislation has been proposed in Tennessee with regard to the purchasing of alcohol after being convicted of DUI multiple times. The bill was introduced in February by Representative John Holsclaw. He stated that he hopes a new law will help reduce the number of repeated drunk driving offenses in the state.

Multiple Tennessee drivers charged with drunk driving

Several drivers were pulled over by Tennessee law enforcement and charged with drunk driving over the course of one weekend. The specific drunk driving charges vary from case to case, but include second-offense DUIs and drug charges. While the consequences for these different charges can vary, any individual who has been arrested has the right to defend him or herself against the charges he or she faces.

Drunk driving charges filed after car accident in Murfreesboro

A Tennessee man is facing drunk driving charges after a single car accident in Murfreesboro. The driver suffered injuries in the accident and was taken for treatment at a local hospital. He was eventually released into the custody of the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office and was officially arrested for drunk driving. 

Driver charged with drunk driving in fiery Tennesee wreck

Having a DUI conviction on one's record can negatively impact one's ability to drive a car or obtain desired employment. However, multiple drunk driving convictions can end in a prison sentence and significant fines. One man who was recently arrested in Tennessee, who now faces his fifth DUI charge, is likely awaiting his court date with hopes for a strong defense. 

A Tennessee drunk driving charge could get costly

When a person has been charged with a DUI or similar offense, there could be many consequences, especially if the state were to gain a conviction. However, one of the harsher penalties associated with a drunk driving charge is the monetary cost. Furthermore, Tennessee laws have increasingly hefty costs with subsequent charges.

Tennessee drunk driving charges may be dismissed

Understandably, prosecutors usually seek to convict suspects who are accused of drunk driving. Drunk driving is the cause for many dangerous and deadly car accidents in Tennessee. However, some suspects charged with driving under the influence may see their cases drop. An attorney has stepped in to possibly have DUI cases dismissed on grounds of conflict of interest.

Tennessee will crack down on drunk driving in the future

Drunken driving is a serious offense. No matter where you live, who you are or what you drive – DUI is against the law. Now, recent changes on the state and national level may mean as many as 3,000 additional driving under the influence convictions in the state of Tennessee each and every year. Changes in the way evidence is collected in drunk driving cases is predicted to increase the number of convictions taking place annually. These changes are set to go into effect later this month.

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