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Tennessee vehicular homicide case ends with sentencing

Even so-called sovereign citizens may find themselves in need of a criminal defense attorney if the worst happens and they find themselves charged with a crime. As with many crimes, the stakes are high when it comes to charges of vehicular homicide. An unusual point of view should not be used against a defendant when deciding the accused's case. Only the facts are relevant. A recent Tennessee case highlights the importance of preparing a strong criminal defense when charged with a serious crime. 

Felony DUI penalties can be stiff in Tennessee

Penalties for breaking the law are stiff and getting stiffer all the time. An overzealous court can set up defendants to suffer for much more than they bargained for if they are convicted of a crime. One such crime with stiff penalties is felony DUI. A recent news story out of Tennessee tells about the charges against one man and reveals what the penalties for DUI can be. 

Failed sobriety test for Tennessee school board member

Driving under the influence can have serious impacts on a person's life and career. These consequences can exist whether another person is harmed as a result of the DUI or not. In a recent news story, a failed sobriety test for a Tennessee man has led to legal and career consequences. 

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