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Knoxville man sentenced for felony DUI

Serious consequences exist for drivers operating a vehicle under the influence. In Knoxville, felony DUI charges can equal lengthy prison stays in addition to hefty fines if a person is convicted. In such circumstances, an accused person needs a strong criminal defense. Recently, a man was sentenced to 10 years after being convicted of his 15th DUI. 

Evidence ruled as inadmissable in vehicular homicide case

Being involved in an automobile accident that claimed the life of another person is a traumatic experience. In addition to the emotional impact of such an accident, a driver would likely face serious legal problems. A Tennessee man had been charged with vehicular homicide following a 2015 accident. However, a recent decision by a judge in his current trial deemed certain evidence inadmissible.

Father faces drunk driving charges

Texting and driving can potentially lead to serious accidents on roadways in Tennessee and around the nation. In efforts to reduce accidents caused by distracted driving, many states have prohibited drivers from texting when they are behind the wheel. Police officers are increasingly diligent in attempting to curb this behavior and often stop those drivers spotted texting while driving. As a result of a recent stop, one driver must now evidently deal with drunk driving charges in addition to the claimed texting violation.

Tennessee woman faces 2 charges of vehicular homicide

There are serious consequences for Tennessee drivers who get behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence. If convicted, the penalties may include fines, loss of license or jail time. However, when an injury or death occurs after a driver's intoxication, more dire charges could follow. A Newport woman faces charges of vehicular homicide after a recent accident in East Tennessee.

Sobriety checkpoints target more than drunk driving

DUI checkpoints are controversial, to say the least. In fact, several states have decided they are unconstitutional and do not allow police to use them as a means of finding and deterring drunk drivers. However, Tennessee law enforcement uses sobriety checkpoints and apparently finds them useful for more than DUI arrests. A recent report shows that drunk driving makes up only a small portion of the offenses charged at these checkpoints.

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