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Tennessee is among the strictest states for DUI penalties. Impaired driving in the state, whether it is due to drugged or drunk driving, is not tolerated, and the penalties can affect a driver's way of life for many years. When an impaired driving charge is compounded by multiple other offenses, a driver may have many concerns about the future. One woman is currently facing charges stemming from a series of accidents that occurred while she was allegedly under the influence of drugs.

Witnesses say the 32-year-old woman drove through a red light into the path of another vehicle just before 8 p.m. one recent evening. While the two occupants of the vehicle were not injured, their car sustained enough damage to need a tow truck. Meanwhile, the woman reportedly continued driving, allegedly failing to stop at a second intersection. Her car struck a pickup truck, which rolled onto its roof.

Three victims in the pickup, including a child, were injured and taken to the hospital. The now accused woman was also taken to the hospital with injuries from the accident. Police reported that her behavior indicated that she was likely coming down from the effects of stimulants, and they allegedly found marijuana, drug paraphernalia, miniature alcohol bottles and what appeared to be heroin in her vehicle. She faces numerous charges, including aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and driving under the influence.

Because of the serious nature of some of these charges, the woman is likely concerned about the outcome of her situation. Having multiple felonies attached to her DUI charge complicates her case. Those in Tennessee who have been arrested for drunk driving or other charges related to impairment certainly do not want to be convicted. An attorney with extensive experience handling such cases successfully can provide the support and assistance that will maximize the chances of a more positive result.

Source: timesnews.net, "KPD: 'Crashing' DUI suspect triggers back-to-back crashes", Rain Smith, April 17, 2017

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