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Dickson woman faces drunk driving charges after accident

When a Tennessee resident is in a car accident, the main concerns are typically whether any people are injured or the extent to which the vehicles are damaged. However, if a person involved in the accident is suspected of drunk driving, other issues quickly surface. A recent incident near Nashville finds a driver facing charges after a traffic accident.

Drunk driving charges follow multiple accidents

Tennessee is among the strictest states for DUI penalties. Impaired driving in the state, whether it is due to drugged or drunk driving, is not tolerated, and the penalties can affect a driver's way of life for many years. When an impaired driving charge is compounded by multiple other offenses, a driver may have many concerns about the future. One woman is currently facing charges stemming from a series of accidents that occurred while she was allegedly under the influence of drugs.

Oak Ridge woman facing vehicular homicide charge

Driving under the influence is a serious offense in the state of Tennessee. Penalties for this charge alone could range from a fine and loss of license to time in jail. However, driving while impaired may lead to more significant consequences when harm is caused to others. An Oak Ridge woman was recently indicted for vehicular homicide and driving under the influence, among other charges, in connection with a 2016 accident.

Failed sobriety test leads to DUI charge

Police officers in Tennessee frequently conduct checkpoints to determine if licenses and registrations are up to date. When a vehicle is stopped at a checkpoint, officers also have an opportunity to assess the condition and behavior of drivers. If impairment is suspected, an officer may administer a sobriety test. A failed sobriety test could result in possible drunk driving charges. A Cookeville man was recently arrested after being stopped at a checkpoint.

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