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Bus driver faces vehicular homicide charges after 6 children die

Parents in Tennessee are still reeling from the horrific school bus accident that took the lives of six children and injured dozens more. The accident has parents and authorities questioning safety measures on buses as well as the vetting of potential bus drivers. The bus driver at the center of the tragedy is now facing charges of vehicular homicide.

The Department of Education in Hamilton County claims a representative contacted the bus company numerous times to complain about the driver. Just days before the accident, several children had lodged complaints about his allegedly excessive speed and erratic driving. In addition, when a school official rode the bus following the driver's complaints about misbehavior, the official reported the driver displayed irritability, a short temper and negative demeanor toward the children.

Drunk driving charge follows traffic stop

A man and woman are in serious trouble following a traffic stop on Interstate 40. Tennessee State Troopers stopped their vehicle after reportedly noticing erratic driving patterns. Soon after, both the driver and passenger were facing serious criminal charges, including a drunk driving charge.

Troopers reported observing the vehicle drifting out of the proper lane of travel near mile marker 290. When they stopped the car, they allegedly were alerted by signals from a K-9 dog trained to detect illegal drugs. That led to a search of the vehicle and the alleged recovery of over half a gram of methamphetamine. A syringe containing the drug was also reportedly located within the vehicle.

Drunk driving charges can put a damper on college life

Many college students in Tennessee and throughout the nation enjoy time away from studies with their friends. Going out for a bite to eat, or imbibing in a drink or two, provides entertainment and stress relief from academic pressures during the school year. Those remaining on campus during the holidays may be at risk for drunk driving if their choices don't align with avoidance.

Having to call home and tell parents one has been arrested for DUI would obviously be an unpleasant experience. Anyone in such circumstances may be worried about trying to avoid conviction in order to stay out of jail. There are other less apparent negative consequences that often arise following a DUI arrest, especially where college students are concerned.

Tommy Hindman Identified as One of the Top DUI Attorneys in Tennessee by the National Advocacy for DUI Defense (NAFDD)

As stated in this - Press Release by the National Advocacy For DUI Defense

Tommy Hindman is a member of the National Advocacy for DUI Defense (NAFDD), LLC, an organization that awards the nation's best private Driving Under the Influence (DUI) attorneys.

NAFDD identifies the top criminal defense attorneys in each state based upon their experience, reputation, and achievements, among other factors. Those who are selected spend a significant portion of their practice representing individuals accused of DUI offenses (sometimes called DWI, DWII, OUI, OVI, OWI or OUII).

DUI law is a highly specialized field. Effective DUI attorneys navigate through many complex legal issues, including the lawfulness of stops, detentions, and arrests; the reliability of field sobriety tests; the accuracy of breath and blood testing methods, including retrograde extrapolations; and driver license ramifications and administrative hearings. The attorneys selected by NAFDD have distinguished themselves by demonstrating particularized knowledge, skill, experience, and expertise in each of these areas, among others.

Tennessee man arrested on drunk driving charges

Virtually no one in Tennessee or elsewhere can claim to have never made a mistake. That said, some mistakes are more impactful than others; drunk driving charges can have a negative impact on the rest of a person's life. If a conviction is obtained, the outcome can include a wide range of punitive measures. They can include fines, probation or time behind bars. Even worse, the DUI will remain on an individual's driving record, which can lead to issues finding employment or securing affordable insurance.

Those are just some of the issues that are facing a man who was recently charged with drunk driving in connection with a three-car wreck. The accident led to injuries, although thankfully no one was killed. The crash took place near mile marker 58 on Interstate 75.

Vehicular homicide charges follow Sunday evening accident

A Tennessee woman is facing serious criminal charges following a fatal accident. Injured during the event, she must now determine how to respond to those charges, even while recovering. The most serious charge she faces is vehicular homicide, which can carry significant punitive repercussions if a conviction is obtained.

The full details of the incident have yet to be reported. However, investigators believe that a collision took place at around 10:40 on a recent Sunday evening. A 32-year-old woman was traveling along the Newport highway in 1991 Mercedes sedan when her vehicle allegedly crossed the center line and struck a motorcyclist.

Man facing vehicular homicide charges after accident

Two Tennessee families are in mourning after a tragic accident took the lives of two young adults. The full details on the accident have not yet been made available, although both of the individuals who lost their lives have now been identified. A man has been arrested in connection with the accident and is facing vehicular homicide charges.

The accident took place in the early morning hours of a recent Sunday. An 18-year-old student at Austin Peay University was traveling in a vehicle with a friend, who was also 18 years of age. Police believe that their vehicle was traveling through the intersection of 101st Airborne Division Parkway and Trenton Road when the collision took place. The man driving the other vehicle has been accused of running a red light immediately prior to the accident.

Drunk driving charges filed against law enforcement officer

An employee of the Tennessee Department of Corrections is facing a DUI charge after she was involved in a motor vehicle accident. The woman is employed as a probation and parole officer, and she is currently on restrictive duty as the drunk driving case is still under investigation. After she was booked into a Knox County jail, she was released on bond.

The car accident occurred as the woman hit a car that was slowing down on the ramp at the Interstate 75 and Interstate 640 interchange. Tennessee law enforcement officials arrived on the scene shortly after the crash, and according to reports, the driver allegedly showed signs of impairment. She is said to have had the smell of alcohol on her breath and was supposedly slurring her speech. 

Drunk driving charges follow hit-and-run accident

A recent hit-and-run accident resulted in criminal charges for a Tennessee driver. The man was arrested on charges of drunk driving and vehicular assault after he struck two pedestrians with his car and then fled the scene of the accident. According to reports, the two people struck by the vehicle were in critical condition and were taken to the hospital for emergency medical treatment.

Law enforcement found the driver in his vehicle a few blocks away from the scene of the accident. He was then arrested and taken to jail. This is the driver's third drunk driving offense, and he has also been charged with two counts of leaving the scene of an accident and two counts of vehicular assault. He is scheduled to appear in court in January, but in the meantime, he would be wise to work with a defense attorney in order to understand the legal options available to him.

Defending against serious felony DUI charges

If you are facing felony drunk driving charges in Tennessee, the time to act is now. If you are convicted, the penalties that you could face may have life-altering consequences. Felony DUI charges can result in a one-year minimum prison sentence. We know what you are up against, and we can build a defense plan based on your needs and goals.

In addition to jail time, you could also face other fines and penalties. A felony conviction will remain permanently on your criminal record, which may compromise your future career opportunities. On top of all this, conviction of a felony crime could be used against you in a custody hearing and may result in being labeled as a habitual motor vehicle offender.

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